Found a bug in Google Docs

Found a bug when trying to open a google doc document.
if anyone here is going after bugs, plz let me know and i can email you the text which causes a tab-freeze.

The only issue I’m aware of in google docs, the googledocs extension can cause some rendering issues. Do you have this extension installed?

Thx. l looked into that. No. What I am having a problem with is literally copy-pasting this text (link to paste bin of pure text) into a new google Doc. This will freeze the tab after about 20 seconds.

Wondering if this happens for others as well.

Can’t figure this out.

Perhaps someone more educated than me can. Dev tools? Crash logs?


If you turn off Hardware acceleration in options, does this help?

Thx for the tip. Just tried it. Did not work.

Not sure of a fix, turning off shields and/or try in private mode? Trying different text?

To confirm, you’re trying to copy plaintext from a document/page, and paste it into Google docs, correct? Something like this:

Can you try opening your Shields panel and setting the Device Recognition setting to Allow all... and see if this makes a difference? Additionally – would it be possible for you to send a short recording of the behavior as you see it on your end? Sort of like I did above?

Hi. REALLY appreciate the help!!!
After banging my head with this issue for more than an HOUR (and using 3 different browsers), I found out the issue was not with Brave, but with Google Docs itself (filed a bug to the team there).

What happened was that when one tries to load a big chunk of text to Docs while having Spell Check on, the tab will crash when the spell checker would try to process the entire text.

I disabled spell check prior to pasting and it now works.

Really appreciate the help though!
Thank you

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My pleasure! Glad you got it worked out :slight_smile: