Google Arts - 360 images

Can see these Google Arts 360 panorama images on Chrome but not in Brave

Was able to browse through the Google arts 360 without issue, does trying in Private mode help? or Turning off sheilds?

Hi Thanks, Yes turn off BRAVE SHIELDS made the difference… SOLVED !

could you copy/paste (ctrl-a/ctrl-v) the trackers being blockled?

Hi Ryan,

Here is a screen capture, nothing I can copy/paste




whats the full url/domain in the device recognition attempts?

Ryan… flying at moment will send tomorrow


September 16
whats the full url/domain in the device recognition attempts?

I looked into it. Seems an issue with Nightly. Not applicable in Brave Release or Beta.

Nightly?.. night mode?

I couldn’t get google Arts to work properly in the Nightly build, basically a black screen.

Brave Release: (Most people use this, and works fine with Google Arts)
Brave Nightly: (Good for testing out new features, discovering new bugs.)
Also Brave Beta and Dev, which are little more stable. But not yet ready.

You need to allow that Device Recognition attempt that’s shown in Shields. The 360 degree images will display properly after doing so.

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