Image Search results page issue (Chrome)

When ever I search and try to open images from the results, I’ll face some issue and that’s annoying me since the beginning I switched to brave in mobile app.

The same keyword I searched in google chrome app. Results are like below:

Am I the only person getting them like this?

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How strange … i am using
Brave Nightly channel, version 1.16.46, Chromium version 86.0.4240.55
on Android 10 (Samsung S series)
… works for me

In nightly it’s working fine. But issue might be with brave private browser

@Rohit552 did you have script blocker enabled for I’ve similar behavior because I’ve that option enabled.

You can disable it via Brave icon at URL bar.


I just tried with Brave Stable (1.14.86) using Private mode and standard mode and the behavior is the same for me …
(no redirect issues when selecting an image … i even added “botify” in my search string so I’d be redirected to that site as you show in your screenshot : ) ).

You state the issue is when you’re in Private mode … maybe the redirect is because of a particular proxy Brave is connected to?

No @caldercay, it’s not in the private mode.

I’m facing that redirect option in brave browser normal mode.

@eljuno Script blocker option was disabled since very long time.

But as you suggested I’ve enabled and disabled it again. Now I can see images like I find in chrome. There isn’t any redirect screen I get afer doing that.

Thanks for the help mate :man_dancing::man_dancing:

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