Google accounts signs out of Brave PC after closing the Browser

That does seem to be the issue for you, however it is still specific to your profile it seems since you’re not getting the same behavior in a new profile and when I test this, I do not get this behavior on my end either.

Additionally, this issue you linked does not quite capture what you’re experiencing here. That issue is directly related to extensions installed in the browser that you login to using your Google account, whereas your issue has to do with being logged out of Google sites when that option is on.

To confirm, if you toggle that option “off” in your main profile, everything works just fine?

I’m also curious about the password check option you have – that shouldn’t be available in the browser. Can you share a screenshot of your brave://settings/security page? Do you know how you “synced” your Google profile into Brave?

@Mattches yup everything works fine if I toggle off that option in the main profile, except for the check password thingy. About third party extensions you can have look at the ones I use, they never gave this issue before.

Privacy Pass extension isn’t a password saver or checking extension, it is cloudflare challenge bypass extension. U can check it here.

About the brave://settings/security here’s the screenshot from my main profile (DiabloPC)

The password checky thingy on main profile.

Interestingly “Allow Google login for extensions” option is togled on in my 2nd profile and there seems to be no such issue.

The brave://settings/security is same in the 2nd profile.

Can you please tell me how you were able to “sync” your Google account?

@Mattches I wasn’t able to sync to Google, it but seemed like it, when I clicked turn off, it said that Brave sync will turn off and it is linked to that email, still trying to turn off took me to the google accounts. Also while that “Allow Google login for extensions” option was on I couldn’t leave Brave sync chain, I had to turn it off then leave the chain.

@Mattches have a look.