Global cookie settings not saved / applied to websites

How can you reproduce this issue?

(I am using the German version of Brave, so I translated the names of the controls myself. Therefore some names may sound strange.)

  1. Go to settings
  2. Go to “Brave Protection and privacy”
  3. Go to “Block Cookies”
  4. Select “Block third party Cookies”, apply
  5. Go back
  6. Open any website
  7. Tap ob brave icon within adress bar
  8. Open advanced Control
  9. Tap on “Block Cookies”

Then “allow all Cookies” is always preselected. Settings are ignored.

Expected behaviour:

Global settings for blocking third pary cookies get applied to any website. So there is no need to block third party cookies for each website manually.

Version 1.49.132

Google Pixel 7, Android 13

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