Cookies keeps blocked fully

Block cookies feature is keep using “Block all cookies” although in settings I’m choosing “block cross site cookies”

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Check that it’s cross site in settings
  2. Go to any website (first visit)
  3. I find it using “Block all cookies”

Expected result:
Use block cross site cookies only

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details
Xiaomi note 10s
MIUI stable
Android 12

Additional Information:
There is another problem which is when I open a window (in-app browsing), it uses brave but I cannot open brave shield Pop up to change cookies as mentioned before.

Screenshot :

There are two cookie settings

1.) In brave shields and privacyBlock cross-site cookies

2.) In site setitngsCookiesBlock third party cookies

It will solve your problem.

Site settings is set to block only third-party cookies and Brave shield is also block Cross site cookies, but when I visit any website for the first time I found it as Block All cookies (when I click on shield icon in url bar as mentioned in the screenshot above)

Possibly a bug then.

Can you update your browser. Yours is at 1.44.101 while the latest stable build is 1.45.116.
Even after updating to 1.45, the problem still persists then it is a bug (make sure the settings are correct from the 2 points I listed). Then brave team members will look into it.

If you are comfortable enough, you can just unistall and re-install brave.

I would suggest to clear Shields settings (for all sites — so you may need to readjusting per site shields settings).

Menu → History → Clear browsing data → Advanced → Select “All time” → Select site setiings

Then adjust your global Shields settings again and try to visit sites again to see if it’s changed.

It’s updated to the latest version, the details of post are a month ago

V 1.45.116 now is installed and same thing is happening

Tried it, same thing, even when I came back here i found it block all cookies

Fixed after fully clean data and uninstall then reinstalling the app again

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Another user reported same problem as you.


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