` Brave Android browser does not save "block cross-platform cookies" setting and switches back to "allow all cookies"

Description of the issue:
A possible bug in the Brave Android browser causes it to reset the cookie settings every time the app is closed. Users who want to block cross-platform cookies for privacy reasons have to manually change the setting every time they open the browser.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. In Settings>Brave Shields & privacy - enable “block cross-platform cookies”
  2. Go to a website not visited before & check Brave Shield URL bar button>Advance settings

Expected result:

  1. If issue is persistent on device it will be set to “Allow all cookies”.
  2. Manually setting block cross-platform cookies resets and app restart
  3. Setting in Settings>Brave Shields & privacy remains set as “block cross-platform cookies”

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Brave 1.56.20, Chromium 115.0.5790.171

Mobile Device details
Pixel 5 - Android 13; Build/TQ3A.230705.001

Additional Information:

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Brave 1.57.62, Chromium 116.0.5845.180

I am having same problem.

Go to settings, enter the Cookie settings menu, change the setting (or not), as soon as you leave cookies menu, resets to allow all. It was previously set on block cross-site cookies!

Whatever they say, there is a problem here and I am not going to do all the explanations and screenshots as others have already done so.

Using Android 13, latest updates applied (as available on my device in the UK).

Hope there’s an answer soon!


Hi @BarneyCat,
I discovered that this is just a UI bug where Brave isn’t showing the change straight away. Set your desired option in the settings and close and re-open the app. It should properly display your choice now.


Thanks for that!

Found a workaround anyway (I think!).

By scrolling down to General Settings, Site Settings etc., did it there and it stuck.

Made me feel better anyway!



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