Default blocking cookies issue


Its not a first time but mostly updates always fixed that,gor now sice hmm past 4updates i have faceing issue with default settings of blocking cookies. I have set on blocking thirdparty only,but everytime i launch new site its blocking all cookies. How to fix it without cleaning full cache of app? I cleaned menory and have newest version of brave and OS is on A12 as well as on A13

And also idk its google issue or brave but Language settings doesn’t work on A13. I had Brave in ENG and my phone in native language but now when i try to set to diff language its revert to default lang of phone

Where are you changing your settings? I’m wondering if you’re just changing it in site specific and not actually in Global defaults at SettingsBrave Shields & Privacy. If you’re changing it through the lion symbol (the Shields icon) on the search bar, those settings are ONLY for that specific site you’re on.

What’s screenshot of your SettingsLanguages look like?

See, there’s Brave's Language which determines the language of Brave’s menu and all. Then you have Preferred languages that you can set and prioritize, which is supposed to show websites in your preferred language when possible. I’m curious which ones you have set and also where you’re experiencing the issue of seeing different language?

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I m not newie at Brave so know how brave things works,just to clarify. I have set up in hanburger menu,and to specific i see that mine option(block only 3rd party) is enabled but in every single new site i see that every cookie is blocked and have to manually change its site by site to blocking 3rd party.

I cant post vid so here its answer: Brave language issue

That’s weird. I just tested and not having that issue. Just out of curiosity, which version of Brave are you using? Also, are you running normal Android or you doing custom OS or whatever?

Just always have to ask. I try not to assume much, as sometimes it’s simple things like I mentioned that solves issues for people.

@Mattches you have any clue what might be happening?

Brave 1.45.133, Chromium 107,0.5304.141
Android 13 ONEUI 5.0 from Samsung

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There was similar problem other users reported. It is a bug on brave side.

Possibly only way is to uninstall. Backup your data before it by using the sync feature.


That shouldn’t be the case.

Well, if they are Verified could work, but if Unverified would be no way to do a backup for Rewards.

I’m hoping Mattches drops in tomorrow with ideas.

Is there a reason you don’t want to clear cache in the browser? Because this will likely resolve the issue and won’t involve you having to uninstall and lose your data.

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I mean,cache of whole app cause i dont have a second device for a while and have to keep save bookmarks pswds etc on this phone. In app cache(there where i cookies history etc) has been cleaned already

Clearing app cache will not delete any data and is worth a try.

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My misunderstanding,cleaning a cache is doing daily by my to safe space in device, i was mean that right option close to Clear cache and if i m not wrong its called clean memory(thats eorks like uinstsll cause delete all app date,and when i mention before cache…i was meaning that option,i m sorry for miss). Cache is cleaned daily for most of my apps and now i was clean cache as well but…its doesnt gives any results,its just make app smaller how it should and thats all :x

So i will get any help of it? Its another update without fixing it

So,to not being closed and maybe already fix it… Bumping a thread :slight_smile:

Next release,bug still exists. Bump

Well, you didn’t prove any videos or screenshots about the cookie issue so it is hard to understand how your phone is set up.

But what do you see if you go to Setting → Site Settings → All sites? and/or what do you see in Cookies?

When you clear data, how do you clear it? because you have to go to Advance and then set a time which by default is 1 hour, so you have to set it to all time if you want to remove it all, if not pretty much nothing gets removed.

But the thing is Cookie/Shield settings don’t sync once you changed them, they will be independent, so anything can go wrong there since they will never be ‘in sync’ once something is changed per page even if globally Brave is set to whatever.

About your language, well, Android 13 added an option to set individually the language for apps, I guess it might have to do with it, because if I try to change the language on my phone it will not do it, I didn’t change individually the app for Brave but I know it is an Android 13 change, and my guess is now Polish is seen as System unless you change it systemwide or by app.

If anything, you can just fix this by reinstalling Brave or clear the data. If you are worried about the passwords or anything, just make a sync chain, save the sync chain code for 10 minutes and then add it, you will get bookmarks and passwords and all.
Or you can also be a cool Brave user installing Nightly or Beta and then adding the sync chain there, making sure everything is alright and then remove Stable.

Easy fixes and there are ways like having multiple Brave builds in your phone and use sync chain to make sure you won’t lose any info, since it seems you only have your phone and no other device.

But it seems it is just a configuration issue, not a Brave one, I mean, an update could mess with files too, so it doesn’t mean you misconfigured it but crap happens.


Wonder how i can show my issues with ss/vid but there u go,all of my settings Settingz
As i said above,whenever i open new card(new means not visited after a one of patch that fvcked that) shields are maxed out. Ads are fine cuz i set up at max,fingerprints its also me,but cookies fvcks every single site. Its overwrite my settings and blocks ALL cookies and i can do nothing mostly on all sites

Its doesn’t matter how i clear cuz its overwrite my settings. I have cleaned all pages setting with permissions as well as changing in global settings to allow everything(to reset) and set again to my way. Still cookies are overwritten and are blocked all,nit 3rd as i want to.

I showed already thats changing lang on A13 doesnt work right? I have OS in Polish and always had apps in English if possible,now(my video few post above) no matter i change it in brave,or by outside pressing icon and switching Brave to Eng cuz its also overwritten.

No i cant reinstall. Cuz since 2019 or even futuer the Brave Sync is in Alpha Stage. I have one device for now and cant uinstall cuz i will lost everything. Speaking about "u have everything synced just need qr or password…please xd its garbage,its doesnt sync as it should.

  • You can add new device then. No i can’t. Alpha stage remeber? I was pleasing for delete my old devices from chain to support and for a year now(?or half dont remember,dont mind) i didnt get answer. Myabe You know or dont but u csnt have more than 5devices in sync and if u want to delete device u have to write special ticket to support. Or i miss something and Brave lost that most stoopid idea and have a unlimited devices sync chain so feel free to correct me.

So. How can i stop Brave from overwrite my cookies settings and labguage? Cache bern cleared,setting as well,forced stop and updating didn’t fix that.

Tap this link and install the nightly version of brave alongside the stable, regular release.

You will now have two, unique versions of brave installed on your device. “Stable” and “nightly”.

Now, setup sync between the two versions (stable and nightly). While setting up sync, tap on data preferences and make sure both versions are syncing “everything”

Within about ten minutes, both versions should share the same bookmarks, passwords, etc. Sync may be in alpha, but it does work for the vast majority.

Now, you can proceed to testing.

From your home screen, open your phones settings app.
Now go into app preferences.
Now tap on manage storage
Now tap on clear cache do not tap on clear storage or clear all data.

Now that you have cleared braves cache, open brave and see if the problem exists.

If the problem persists, you can now try clearing data. So long as you setup sync and verified it is functioning correctly (by opening brave nightly and checking).

Go back to your phones settings app and back into braves details. Back into manage storage. Now try with clear all data or uninstall.

After clearing all data, or uninstalling then reinstalling from the play store, open brave and check if the issue persists.

If your response to me contains broken English, poor attempts at masking swear words to get around a filter, rants about how “bad” the free web browser you choose to use is, or if you are as rude as you are in your above posts, you will receive precisely zero further responses from me and I wouldn’t blame the actual team members for ignoring you.

Know how things works

Eh. Let me clarify once again. I cannot add new devices to my sync chain. All i can do under test stage is installing pure Beta Nighly version to see if there is same issue. Language doesnt work,Shields working fine. Take this as a rude or as u want cause i didnt use Mr/Mrs. I dont use that and if u take that as being rude,well. Happens. I dont blame people,did i? I blame things,its non of you that bugs exsists.

As above,clearing cache X/a day. Its doesn’t help.Clean installing as once again,i cannot.

As i said,i do not blame ppl. Did i did that in this thread? I m sorry if somebody take that personal. If we are on about “team members”. If i wrote one ticket with all informations without spamming and making unnecessary contact and let me being for a certain amount of time without ANY answer,for not answer,not close ticket,anything. I can be mad at it cuz its RUDE,to read and dont make any of response. Still, didnt say anything to them or to people in thread.

It is obvious you don’t want to follow suggestions provided to you and all you wish to do is insult those who choose to try and help you.

People CAN and DO run more than one version of brave simultaneously. It IS a standard troubleshooting tip. It also serves as a backup of sorts, by way of a functional sync system.

You are too rude, too obnoxious to bother helping any further as you refuse to follow troubleshooting tips.

Best advice I can give you is to sell the android, buy an iPhone. You clearly need something more remedial.