In Developer mode it should be possible to enable any extension

We are using extensions for our internal development. We know they are save, but they are (obviously) not in the Chrome store.

I’m currently forced to use again Chrome for Development instead of Brave, as I cannot enable the extension. If I activate the developer mode in Brave, then I should have the possibility to enable all extensions. It may need an additional step of confirmation, I’m even fine with a password protection, etc.

But to just have them disabled and not being able to enable even extensions I created myself seems odd. I know my extension does not hurt nor my safety nor my privacy.

Hi @simon.scheurer,

Thanks for your request, I’ll pass it on to the team.

Which extensions are you referring to in the post?


Hi Steeven,

none that you will know off. It‘s one we created ourselves (it‘s call „DT SR Debug Extension“) and we use it to troubleshoot and develop our own software.

That‘s also why it‘s not in the store.

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Thanks for your response. I will pass this feedback along to the team.

I would like to add my voice to OP’s request. There has been some discussion about this annoyance at (old article but newer comments below), and this seems to be a persistent bug in Chromium overall. Hopefully Brave can have at least a tick box to hide this warning, if nothing else.

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