Getting Notepad by ClickUp to work with Brave

Description of the issue:
I am using Brave on Windows 10. There is a Chrome Extension called “Notepad By ClickUp” that I installed and want to use. It adds a little button to either the lower left, or right, corner of any browser page. You click it and it brings up a little app that allows you to start taking a quick note.

The problem is that I am unable to get the button to show in the browser unless I completely drop my shields for each site. So, in essence, I have to completely turn off shields to get this extension to work.

Is there a way add an “allow” entries somewhere in Brave that will allow me to use this extension from any web page? Thanks!

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HI @bleedingcash,
So after some testing, it looks like ClickUp will work with Shields up but after enabling all cookies allowed

Changing this in the Shields panel will only alter it for the site you’re on. If you want to set this as the global default, you can go to brave://settings/cookies and select allow all cookies - then ClickUp should work on all sites

Great! Thank you so much, @Aa-ron !

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