USDC transfer from KuCoin did not arrive to my Brave wallet

Hi. I transferred USDC funds from my KuCoin account to my to my Brave wallet using KCS network. The funds haven’t arrive eventhough hash info says the transaction was susccesful. Help please

I’m not much familiar with Brave Wallet. @rodrige @Aman_M If possible please help. Thank you!

I am not sure of Brave Wallet supports KCC network. if it does, you may need to add the USDC contract manually.

You can find it here:

Thanks!KuCoin does not mention any support for KCC on Brave Wallet. So I suppose there’s nothing to be done then and the funds are lost :frowning:

@Cimboz I’m not familiar with KuCoin but did you sent USDC on KCC network (of which native token is KCS).

I would say try to KCC Network to Brave Wallet from Chainlist- Then add USDC in Brave Wallet in Visible assets with details from here-

Do post an update. A tx hash always helps.


Unbelievable, that worked! You made my day :smiley: Thank you!!

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Now that the funds are safe, I’m wondering how to send some of the funds back to KuCoin? Since the wallet keeps giving me error messages, not letting me send it back. I hope it’s not too much to ask for a little bit more assistance

If you are using KCC network, it is very likely that you need KCS in there to pay the fees.


Well this gets interesting now. I tried adding some KCS, but it’s still not letting me withdraw any amount of the funds. Now I got both assets stuck in the wallet :smiley:

@Cimboz KCS is a low cost network so I’m assuming you have enough KCS to cover gas fee to transfer your funds. Can you post a screenshot of the error that you see?

For some reason the wallet started working after I switched my phones language to english. Here’s the message though.

Thanks to everyone for the help!

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