Get rid of the floating buttons

I just updated to version 1.62 and saw the UI is all messed up by that inferior tab design.
Is there any way to get rid of those disgusting floating buttons and bring back the always superior tab look?

Some alternative options to tweak that would be nice.


Yep, can’t stand it. I want a way to make it go back to the way it was.


in url type brave://flags/
in search bar type ‘brave-horizontal-tabs-update’.
in the drop down menu select ‘Default (or Disabled)’.
Relaunch Brave browser.
It should be back to normal.


you’re a life saver
thank you

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Glad of being helpfull.

The brave development team shows great responsibility and maturity by allowing us to revert these changes. I hope it will always be possible to make such adjustments, as I deeply despise the “modern” bubbly - floaty uis that have infested most interfaces, and I am not alone in this. Everything has rounded corners now, it really goes to show how little aesthetic and functional understanding the people setting the design trends have.

Zoomer devs do not know the origin of classic tabs, that’s the reason, so it makes sense for them to switch to button-type-tabs. My problem is they take more space and the way they highlight tab groups is inferior to the previous one. One improvement would be lowing the round corner from 20px to just 10px instead, and fixing the contrast in tab groups.

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