Is there an option to disable floating tabs?

I see Brave has gone to floating tabs. Avoiding floating tabs is why I started using Brave. I think it’s a bad design decision. Is there a way to go back to attached tabs? If not, I will stop using Brave.


I disabled the brave://flags/#brave-horizontal-tabs-update flag and changed my theme to and that gives me nice squarish attached tabs so the tab connects to its content, the way a proper UI should.

Now don’t make the mistake that Firefox made and remove that flag to prevent people from disabling the horizontal tabs update.


Just going to +1 this sentiment as well.

Really dislike the new bubble design.

Worst decision you can make is to start using more space all of a sudden.
Also please - for the love of everything that is holy - make this change optional if you continue down this (awful) path.

Great advice, thank you. They should make this an option in the settings. I’m used to having YT on first tab, so i can slide my cursor into the corner to switch quickly. Since the floating tabs didn’t allow this, they were really annoying. Also, I hate the design pretty much

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Also extremely bummed about this update. A serious regression. Please provide a clear futureproof option within Settings > Appearance to disable this <3

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