Any way to revert latest style changes?

The floating bubble for current tab just looks worse. The gap underneath has created disconnection between tab and current page.

Also the tab group bubble has gotten bigger for seemingly no reason it used to look like this:


in url type brave://flags/
in search bar type ‘brave-horizontal-tabs-update’.
in the drop down menu select ‘Default (Disabled)’.
Relaunch Brave browser.
It should be back to normal.


Thank you for bringing this up too! I found and signed up to this forum just for this. I created a topic in the Feedback section.

That recommendation by VAPG1974 will not stop the tab itself being a separate colour to the rest of the top bar/page. It just defines whether the corners are rounded or not. Hence why I wrote my post too.

For those who don’t know what a “tab” is supposed to look like, including and especially those at Brave… Go on Google images and search “paper tab dividers” to see what they are supposed to look like. I.e. tab OBVIOUSLY same colour as page, because it is part of the page. You have over thought, detached from and lost sight of the objective.

So now, instead of a glance to automatically detect which tab I am on because it is the same colour as the rest of the top of the bar… The current tab is now a 3rd colour and thus separate/divided from the rest of the top bar.

For the love of all that is holy please change it back!

Much love


In my case, using the flag made everything back to normal, but since I’m using Linux Mint Deian Editon and GTK+ theming, the whole aesthetic is back to how it should be. Are you a W10 user?

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Also on Windows 10 and disabling the flag indeed removes the gap but also now the tab is a different color than the top bar. Why did they have to change it? The problem with the new tabs, besides the fact that they look bad, is if you click all the way in the top right it doesn’t go to the first tab, your click hits an “empty space”. Just change it back please!


let’s bow our heads and pray.


Is anyone from Brave even reading this post? A response would be appreciated