Thank you guys!1

I’ve noticed the new design after an update few days ago and it was nice, subtile but it left me very hungry for more. The address bar and the button hover effects were nice but those tabs were sooo bad…

I was about to go to this forum to beg you guys to make the tabs more like Edge has because I fell in love with those as soon as they landed in Edge nightly but I thought going here would be of no use.

Come to notice an update button just a few minutes ago, I clicked it and viola!! The perfect tabs!

Thanks guys for finally thinking about the design, please keep it up don’t let it rot for years again.

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@KristijanZic Are you talking about the “Updated horizontal tabs design” flag? :thinking:

About this :slight_smile:

In most of linux dark themes it’s barely seen. I’m not against this new design resembling Proton UI from Firefox, but it should be under a switch and with better contrast, just like Midori or some CSS modder did.