New horizontal tab design is excellent

Just wanted to say I’m a huge fan of the new separated horizontal tab design. It looks especially good with the increased omnibox height. Any estimate of when we’ll see this change hit beta?

In most of linux dark themes it’s barely seen. I’m not against this new design resembling Proton UI from Firefox, but it should be under a switch and with better contrast, just like Midori or some CSS modders did.

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I like new design follows GNOME UI nicely and I am glad omnibox height is not increased for me. I also noticed omnibox color is not orange, but follows system color now.

Exactly. Barely seen in Windows dark theme too…

IMHO this needs fixing ASAP. Meanwhile i’ll have to find a theme with good contrast :unamused:

Are you a Linux user? I could recommend you excellent blackish themes.

Windows here. Switched to “Dracula Chrome theme”

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