Get rid of continuous “”Prove you’re not a robot” challenge

My browser home page is Almost every time I hit return on a search term I get challenged to prove I am not a robot. This is sufficiently annoying that I will probably stop using Brave search if this continues. This has happened before, stopped for a period of time, and restarted.
I use iOS 16
I’m using Firefox, using open (NOT private) windows
I do not use any VPN
It happens regardless of whether I put the search term in the address bar or the search term window on the Brave search page
It continues after I close and restart Firefox
It continues after I turn off and restart my device
It continues after I perform a hard restart on my device
Also - why is this challenge issues? What is the purpose and what are the criteria that trigger it?

Oh wow, that must be frustrating. I hope you can find a fix. The guys here are helpful and will help you troubleshoot. If that doesn’t work, you could submit a support ticket.

Agreed. I use Proton VPN (and I keep it on ~98% of the time I use the internet). It’s the best VPN out there, in my opinion, and it’s very reputable. I only get this issue when my VPN is enabled, though I saw OP doesn’t have a VPN themselves. Using my VPN not only flagged my Rewards so that I had to contact support, but it also causes me to ‘prove’ I’m not a ‘robot’ every time I search.

It’s not a huge deal, it takes a few seconds and could be far worse (looking at you, ReCaptcha) but still. I only see a point in bot challenges like that if there’s a possible DoS attack.

I also use Proton VPN and get the robot challenge far, far too often.

Even something as trivial as moving a slider gets really tiresome when you’re asked to do it over and over and over again. Every day. While you’re trying to focus.

You are interrupting my workflow. It’s distracting. It’s annoying. It’s irritating. You are interrupting my delicate and valuable flow state. This kind of thing is why we invented ad blockers in the first place.

I don’t want to have to switch my search engine and browser again; it’s a pain in the rear trying to find someone I can trust. I imagine we’re all here because we’ve been through that multiple times already. But every time your search engine asks me to prove that I’m “not a robot” is, ironically, a machine nagging me to find a tool that is simply less annoying to use.

To echo previous threads, since this has been a recurring issue for years, now:

What is Brave Search?
Brave Search is the world’s most complete, independent, private search engine. […]

Brave Search bills itself as a “private” search engine.

Disabling our VPNs is not a privacy-friendly solution.

Undoing common browser hardening is not a privacy-friendly solution.

I do not have that issue and If brave team does not fix it for others I really believe it will drive people away, as I will be frustrated too

Thank you for the link to the support ticket submission.

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I agree.
Oh, and I have to add more characters to reach a minimum of 20 or Brave won’t let me post. Seriously Brave? I suppose enforcing that silly rule is why you haven’t had time to respond to me for 17 days.

17 days and no one from Brave provides any feedback.