General question + Amount received not correct + history not working

Good morning everyone,
I’m writing to you because I have some questions that I feel are unclear about the brave and the functionality.

Here is my list of questions:

  1. The next payment is made on the 6th of each month according to my brave, but does the payment take into account the earnings from 1 -> 6 or just until the 31st of last month?

  2. I currently have 2 instances of Brave (1 computer (Brave installed in May) and 1 laptop (Brave installed on July 27th)). The 2 instances are connected to my wallet uphold as I have the value of the wallet displayed on the settings. The first instance (computer) pay me, the second (laptop) claim my earnings (2.5BAT). I read the topic that tells me that since I had an installation during the month, the earnings will be paid at least next month. So, next month, will I receive my 2.5BAT claim + August earnings?

  3. In neither of my 2 brave instances, when I go to Portfolio Activity I have no details of any transactions. So I can’t see if instance 1 has been paid or instance 2 has been paid (I have to compare approximately with the earnings made on one and on the other to tell me if it is the computer or the laptop that has been paid).

  4. On the brave instance of my computer it says: Estimated pending rewards 9.475BAT yet I only received 5.67908BAT this is strange.

  5. I just ordered my new computer, how can I disable my brave instance 1 so that when I connect my next computer, I don’t have 3 instances but 2?

  6. will the 2 instances be paid at the same time (association of the gains on the 2 instances in 1)? or is it 2 different transactions?

Can you enlighten me because it looks like it’s a bit of a game of chance.

Kind regards

July reward is paid on august and it doesn’t include august 1-6 estimated reward pending

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good morning @quentin7500

  1. you payment for the previous month so from 1st to end of the month

  2. when you join just a little before the end of month like your case 27th then your payment will be in September which will include those 2.5 + the august earning

  3. i can not help with the uphold thing as i did not have it

  4. if it say pending then that your payment still processing but are those 5.6 earning from this month or it was there from previous one

  5. again can not help with uphold

hope other fill the missing parts and have a nice day


also check this one MEGATHREAD: August 5th, 2020 Brave Ads Payout Support

to know when all payment process is done and if you did not get paid then mention steveen to help you

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Hi @quentin7500 - payments are still processing - MEGATHREAD: August 5th, 2020 Brave Ads Payout Support. They will be processing through tomorrow. Thank you for your patience.

Thanks Steeven, I watch the mega thread daily :slight_smile: But do you have an answer to my other questions?

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