Confirm Brave Rewards payout


Just want to confirm. If brave wallet is verified, is that where the payout for brave reward be automatically transferred?


If your wallet is verified thru uphold or gemini after payouts are complete at around a week or more after the 7th of the month the estimated earnings for the prior month of September will be sent to whichever wallet you have. If your wallet is not verified it will stay in the brave browser. It appears your wallet is verified so it should be credited once payouts are complete. If you connected your wallet on October 1st or after then you will not be paid out until November for the earnings for October.

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I see thanks for this :slightly_smiling_face: I was worried for a moment there for my September BAT earnings payout which disappeared without any transaction history.

Yeah the estimated earnings counter resets at around midnight UTC I believe the day before. Usually at around a time like this at the end of the month. Also note there will be no history in the brave browser for the earnings paid out hence the rewards summary. That will only show for unverified wallets.

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