Gemini Account Not Linking to Rewards

I downloaded the browser and have created a wallet in Brave, but when linking my Gemini wallet account it says "Sorry there was a problem processing your request, please try again. I tried multiple times but its still not linking to my gemini account

What should i do here?


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Wait until tomorrow. It’s been announced for weeks that maintenance was being done. Supposed to be back up on February 2 if all goes well

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I tried again today and im still getting the same message. Please see below, does anyone have an update of the status for this? Also do you need to add an outside wallet to start seeing adds? I have added the actual brave wallet but not the gemini wallet because of the maintenance needed by the site. But i have not seen one add, i have had the browser rewards for maybe 2 days and changed my settings to the max amount of adds per hour. I am also using my employees machine for, is it possible that they have set up firewalls to keep these adds from showing?

Still unable to link my Gemini account. In fact, Gemini account is also verified.

Just another update, i tried to link gemini account again today and no luck. I will try again tomorrow

Hi everyone, sorry for the inconvenience.

Please be advised:

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Thanks for the update, i will give it another go later today and tomorrow

I read everything I will do that. Thank yóu


Just wanted to update, I was able to link up my Wallet today. But no ads are being shown on my browser

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