Gemini - FTX collapse

Shortly after FTX collapsed I attempted to transfer my BAT from Gemini and was not allowed to transfer or withdraw. I contacted support and was allowed to transfer my BAT the next day. According to some sources Gemini was exposed to a large loss due to the collapse of FTX. Gemini is publicly saying they have restrictions on their “earn” program but do not say anything I can find about the collapse affecting regular transfers and withdrawals. Has anyone else had issues transferring / withdrawing BAT from Gemini?

Will Brave continue to send user’s BAT to Gemini? Personally, I prefer that Brave hold my BAT until this blows over.

It was for a day and they got it running again. It was only for the day when FTX collapse news came in, they brought back Depsoits and withdrawals back within 24 hrs or so.

You kinda can, just disconnect from Gemini. But then your BATs will be received in the browser. Also, if you format/reinstall OS or anything that deletes local files for Brave, the BATs in unverified profile will be lost since stored on device. Therefore its better to connect to Uphold / Gemini to make sure you don’t lose BATs

Thanks @SmartyAadi. I think I’ll stay with Gemini for now.

You can actually see the updates they gave at

I also couldn’t remove the BAT

Figured I would also add that Gemini and Uphold have a transparency page.

So you can always see what they have.

Sorry to hear that. I was able to withdraw BAT after contacting Gemini support. You may want to try that. Good luck.

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