My coins are gone!

hello, I set up and chose Gemini as a custody account to receive BAT rewards, but when accessing the account I did not find my BAT balance that I have been transferring there for a long time. My account was verified and my balance disappeared! I demand an answer on this!

It takes upto 24 hrs for the balance to transfer there. Do let us know how much time it has been since you connected so if required we can go the further.

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I’ve noticed today that someone else is and still collecting my bat tokens since 2019 till now. I would like to know how did they get to switch my account to 3 different times and collect my bat tokens HOW???

What do you mean? I don’t understand

I have 2 devices and my coins have disappeared on one of them. Both were below the 15 BAT to re-verify my Uphold account, which HAD been verified before but got unverified by Brave because of their own snafu. My BAT is almost at 15 again on the one device that my BAT hasn’t been stolen from (yet).

This new vBAT BS is nonsense. It was NEVER called vBAT until now. It was always BAT. They’re just setting up the stage to try to snatch back the BAT again. It’s going to be another big unforced error by Brave, which no one is going to be going along with! But it is called “theft”, and it is strictly illegal.

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You are right they are trying to get the bat back from their users and if you said something against them they lock you thread and close it from their end. Because of them I lost my 15 bat of jan and 3 bat of feb 2023 as a vbat token they are not fixing wallet issue of unsupported countries. Allow us to Move our reards to any wallet which we want like metamask trustwallet coinbase and 1 more thing m from India and here I am using gemini very smoothly but they are showing India is unsupported.

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