Rewards with Gemini

I can’t send my BAT reward to Gemini 3 mounths ago aprox.
The message is: The operation can’t realize, some wrong happened.
Any know why ?

@swe96 Can you post a screenshot where you see this? What is your Brave and OS version? You can check it here (first 3 heads)- brave://version/


I try to move 8 bat.
VERSION: 1.37.116 Chromium: 100.0.4896.127

I don’t know this language. Are you trying to withdraw your BATs from Gemini?

No, I try withdraw my BAT reward to Gemini.


Oh! you are using Gemini widget. Since you are able to see BAT balance in there, it is already in your Gemini account. I’m not sure why widget is not working and I haven’t used it myself.

Maybe you can try to perform trade on Gemini website itself-

To save some transaction fee, you can enable Active trader here-

Your 8 BAT is already in your Gemini wallet so you are basically trying to trade your own BAT with yourself which is why it is unable to perform the trade. The widget is working fine.

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