Cant withdraw from Brave


Sorry to bother.

How do we withdraw BATs from brave?

Already verified but the withdraw button seems gone.



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What platform did you link it to? (Uphold or Gemini)
Just log in to that account and withdraw from there.

If you are referring on the 3.690 BAT earnings for Oct1-Oct31 on how to withdraw it, only the brave team will forward that to your linked external account on payout date.

Umm if you’re not getting one there, then you can go to the Gemini App / Gemini Website.
There after logging in, you can withdraw.

I’ve linked it up with my Gemini Account. Previously, there is a withdraw funds button on the browser but now its gone.

BAT balance isn’t reflected on my portfolio

Where could I transfer the BAT from my browser? How do I transfer it to Gemini? I’ve already linked it up but its not automatically transferred.

Did you connect today? Then I’ll suggest waiting for some time.

Yes. I did connect just today.

I was previously unverified and just verified by linking brave browser to Gemini wallet.

I’ve searched and watched videos on how to put the Bats stated on the browser to the Gemini Wallet. However, the Withdraw button ( which shouldve been at the right side of the add funds button is missing.) Is missing. In its place, the view statement could be seen. (kindly refer to picture above)

That is actually not relevant. That button when clicked would take you to Gemini, you could then withdraw BATs in Gemini to other wallet or you could withdraw cash.

Also, it doesn’t show for me as well, but I still got my rewards in Gemini

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I’ve been browsing the topics recently and stumbled upon the concept of vBATs

Apparently, the once received by users after every end of a period is vBAT. It is only converted /translated into BAT when deposited into Uphold /Gemini

The problem is I don’t know how to transfer vBAT to either Uphold/Gemini. I’ve already linked my account but I couldn’t figure out on how it could be moved.

I’ve already logged into my account in Gemini but there are no instruction on how I could transfer the vBAT on my browser.

You don’t do any of that. It’s all done by Brave. Your payment gets processed and sent over by Brave, so long as your Rewards is linked to it. Otherwise it gets claimed and stored in the browser.

Let me quote a bit when I had asked a while back how this works. The quotes are missing some pieces of information, as not all of it is needed to be shared here and some shouldn’t be mentioned, but you can piece it together a bit.

Gemini now also gets vBAT payouts, which gives the browser accounting numbers

When sent as vBAT, you claim it into the browser first. Then the browser submits the vBAT to our servers to be claimed for real-BAT.

For Gemini payouts, we’ve already transitioned over to vBAT payouts.


I see so the problem was despite being verified, the BATS were not automatically transferred to my custodian account (Gemini)

From what I’m saying, that should be incorrect. Only because your first screenshot it showing that you have over 30 BAT in your Gemini account. I see that you’re showing something with a zero balance on your portfolio. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with Gemini, as I use Uphold, but I do know in the past people were showing different parts of Gemini, trying to say they didn’t have transactions, but then we discovered that they were going to the wrong place within their Gemini account. I just wish I could remember specifics so I could try to guide you a little better.

So where are you do see your 30.500 BAT, above it shows verified with Gemini, meaning whatever numbers you see there is in your Gemini account. Otherwise, once you linked your browser to Gemini, it would’ve shown a zero balance while it removed them from the browser and sent to Gemini. It then would show the balance again when Gemini received it.

All of that said, that’s at least how things generally work and how they are supposed to work. If anything screws happen with yours and obviously it would be one interesting glitch but I really don’t know what to say.

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Are you going to the same location within Gemini ?
If not then maybe that’s why you’re not seeing the balance.

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Well, it should be showing BATs in Portfolio section as well…

Hey, just making sure. Are you logging in to the same Gemini account which you used to verify rewards. This might sound dumb but I’ve seen people literally login to another account …

Umm. I guess you should raise a ticket with Gemini. Raise one here.

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@Evan123 and @SaltyBanana would either of you have any guesses as to what’s going on?

I am verified with uphold so dont know much about your situation.i see that @SmartyAadi is on the Home tab of Gemini and you are on the portfolio tab of Gemini. How is been said in a previous comment small things matter when trying to find something.

Both Home and Portfolio Tab were provided in this screenshot…