Gemini account logged out from brave automatically

yesterday i opened my brave and checked that all bats earning is showing zero. In brave rewards it shows i m logged out. I m using gemini and living in india i worked fine for me from when i started brave. and it is showing that it is not available at my region. can anyone tell me what happened …

Unfortunately India is not supported by Gemini and Uphold at the moment. And you will not be able to re-connect your browser to them.

Are you able to log in your Gemini account? If so, your BAT must be there. If not, please contact Gemini support to know what are your chances of getting access to your funds.

Good news is that Brave is looking for alternatives. More options may be added soon. It may take a while though. So, let’s be patient and hope for the best.

ohh ok… I m able to login to gemini thats not a problem. if gemini will available in future. then will i be able to reconnect it again??

Yes, certainly. It should be possible to re-connect in future.

can u plz update aboutjune payout as gemini account is not connected to brave reward program

If wallet is not connected you should get a “Claim” button and the rewards would be accumulated in your browser.

If no “Claim” button appears, usually on the 7th or 8th of each month, then open a support ticket.

thnx for the information.

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