What in the sweet f*ck happened to the Brave Wallet

Logged in to my wallet for the first time in a little while, and I was prompted to restore my old wallet to the new format.

Now, ALL my tokens are gone. I still have the funds in the wallet (as verified by a third party DAPP), but I can’t view any of them. I can’t add them using the list, and I can’t add them as a custom token using the contract address.

Can someone explain to me exactly how this is supposed to be an upgrade? The functionality is completely ruined and HOLY SH!T is the lag time bad.

Hi @nateluebbe,

Would love to assist you with your issue!
May I ask which tokens you are not able to add?

Sorry that import from the old wallet to the new one didn’t / doesn’t import custom tokens. That being said it doesn’t take long to re-add them.

Maybe a screenshot would help as well. Please ensure when you click on the “+ Visible assets” button that you have Ethereum mainnet selected as each network has different lists of tokens.

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