Full desktop browser support for iPadOS?

As someone who is considering using an iPad Pro over a MacBook as a daily driver, I was wondering if Brave does or will have full desktop support on the iPad Pro like Safari does? Would like to see this as a few apps have limited functions compared to their websites. Not technically iOS though but still same ballpark.


Hi @Niall welcome to community and thanks for posting!

Brave for iPadOS currently defaults to using desktop sites, similar to Safari. You can change this setting globally (e.g. to use mobile sites as default), or switch an instance of a website back to using a mobile version (currently, per-site setting is not saved, only the global one).

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It is not the same experience as the Safari browser. For instance a website I am using for conferencing will allow mic/ camera usage on safari but not on the Brave browser. There are not any settings to change for the Brave app to allow this.

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