Sites that appear when the address bar/search field is clicked in

When the user clicks in the address bar/search field, five websites are listed (in the mobile version). The first is the current site visited. How are the others determined? Is there a user setting to change this? Thanks.

I assumed it’s on Android?

That’s top sites – most visited sites based on your browsing history.

I’m not sure if you can change it as I’m not aware if there’s setting for that

For me, they aren’t top sites. They’re not even ones that I have visited recently, and they don’t seem to change.

Are you on iOS or Android? And your Brave version? Did you, in the past, visit the sites that populated?

On my end, I get the behavior like in my previous reply – Android, Brave 1.24.x.

Yes, I’m on Android, and Brave 1.24.86, and you are correct. It is a list of top sites. I was playing around in the settings and I turned on top sites for the new tab page. It’s showed the same list as the one on the search page. The problem for me is that the sites that I go regularly are either bookmarked (excluded from this list) or on an app, so the “top sites” sites listed for me are ones that I visited a long time ago and only a few times, either to research something or to buy something. It’s rare that a new site would make the list, so I always see the same old useless list. It’s actually irritating, and there is no way to turn it off like you can on the new tab screen.

I did find that if I delete a site from the new tab page list, that site will also be deleted from the search page list. This can’t be done directly from the search page, though. It’s sort of helpful, but then another site that I don’t go to anymore takes its place.

I’d like to see the search page customizable. I’d like to be able to turn off this list, and/or be able to delete items directly. And I’d also like to be able to set a time limit for sites to appear on the list, so that sites would drop off if they haven’t been visited for a certain amount of time.

Ideally, clicking in the address bar/search bar would bring up the current site, a few “top sites,” and separate pull-down menus for Bookmarks, History, and Search Engines (possibly including eBay, Amazon, Wikipedia, IMDB, etc.), ALL sortable. If they ask me…

Thank you for your help, eljuno.

brave://predictors/ has some wonderful information about predicting your sites. You won’t be able to change them though.

Thank you, plasmi. I’ll check it out.

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