Trying to Connect 6 browser to zebpay

I am trying to connect brave and brave nightly from my windows laptop, iphone 13 and android phone (2 in each). I login to each brave rewards but the account automatically disconnects after around 36 hours from each browser and at the time of payment I recieve 4.12 BAT each month.
I tried reporting it with Brave support and Zebpay support but each group is pointing towards each other.

@FitRiderAG You seem to have different issues, which is why each is referring you to the other. So let me tackle some things here.

  1. Getting logged out of ZebPay ever so often has been said to be intended. This primarily is due to ZebPay’s security. Just to be sure you’re aware, you still receive payments even after it disconnects as the integration remains in the background. You being logged in only impacts you being able to see your ZebPay balance and normally would affect your ability to tip, except ZebPay can’t even tip anyone at this time as ZebPay is not available for Creators.

  2. If you’re saying you receive less pay than should be, this would be a separate incident where you create a Rewards Support Ticket at I wouldn’t necessarily mention the idea of getting logged out, but just would provide the Rewards Payment ID for each device and see if they can help explain what happened to you.

  3. You mention iPhone as one of your devices. iOS can’t earn BAT nor can it connect to any custodial partners, so it’s pointless and confusing to bring this up.

  4. Keep in mind that as you described it, you have multiple devices and profiles. Then you spoke about how you just received 4.12 BAT. It’s possible you didn’t have profiles active and able to earn. So saying this doesn’t make it sound like anything is wrong. You used multiple and earned 4 BAT. It’s possible. Now if you say the Earnings so far provided different numbers and you didn’t receive it, now it’s clear what the problem is. What you say and how you say matters.

  5. I also want to point out that using multiple versions of Brave on a single device does not cause ad notifications to double up your earnings. So if you’re running Nightly and Release together, you can’t multiply your Rewards with it. It will randomize ads and still hold you to view limits. And if they see you trying to overdo it, you’ll be flagged/suspended for attempted abuse. Keep in mind, this is for casual use and not just to “mine” or “farm” BAT.

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