Wells Fargo-related issues

Over the last three days (approx.), when logged into my account at Wells Fargo, I was unable to use some of the normal features. For example, in this case, I wanted to transfer some money from my Savings account to my checking account. I received a notice that WF was unable to process my request. The same behavior occurred when setting up an automatic payment - as another example.

After calling WF and getting the transfer taken care of, and quizzing the young fellow who was helping me, he said that they had not had any notices about this behavior. I thanked him, and mentioned that perhaps the issue was with my browser, and that I would try another when I had a minute. I did, and I did :slight_smile: , and when using Edge, everything worked as expected. That is, when logged onto my WF account.

I called them back and let the next young fellow know what I had fond in order to put the information intheir system. Thankfully, he was one of their tech-related support folks and he assurred me he would pass the information on. I mentioned to him I would also let the folks that have created the Brave browser know, which is the purpose of this post.

Why this is taking place, I can only guess at, but that guess would be the loss of some type of information, no doubt internal to WF, what Brave might be unaware of, and as such, would be lost. That is a guess. I do data, not browsers. But, I thought it would at least let you guys know about the issue.

I am more than happy, should you need an assist from someone who has an account at WF, to help. Just let me know.