Formatted my mac

So I recently formatted my macbook and I have around 15BAT collected over time which for some weird reason stopped syncing with my Uphold account so it was left on the wallet which I’ve obviously backed up the. phrase and password for. Now when I restored the wallet back onto the new mac, all the rewards are gone. I think I’ve lost them forever since I didn’t send them my Uphold or any other account right?

I tried but it didn’t want to work, I know some features are still being developed but damn this is the second time I love so many rewards …

Phrases and passwords don’t restore your balance, if it was inside the browser (not deposited in an exchange) the only way to get back was backup your UserData.

Every once in a while, it disconnects with Uphold and you have to connect it again. Not sure if that’s what happened or what your situation might have been. Just means you would have had to Verify so it would send the BAT over to Uphold. If you didn’t do that, then your BAT was being stored as vBAT within your browser.

Brave Wallet is different from Brave Rewards. When speaking of Brave Rewards, they don’t have a Backup & Restore function. So your “phrase” and all would have been to something else. Whether it be Brave Wallet or whether you’re thinking of your Sync chain thing which is just for your bookmarks, passwords, etc and not Rewards.

Okay, yeah, so guessing you restored Brave Wallet which wouldn’t have had your BAT.

Umm, maybe. It depends, did you do any backups before you reformatted? If you have your old Brave folder, then you might be able to get it back. Otherwise you’d be out of luck because the code it needs for your BAT would have been deleted along with the browser when you formatted everything.

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