Forgotten technique

There’s a foolproof way to block ads and dop content filtering.
There are so many websites detecting ad blockers, and there’s a way to beat them.
What current day programmers never learned, is the way we used to do this.
You allow the ads and all content to be downloaded, to the client, but then the client doesn’t render the unwanted material.
This way, the other side will have no idea it was not seen.
From their end, it was downloaded, and not blocked.
The user doesn’t see it, because the browser doesn’t render it.
There’s no way for them to beat this method.
I have yet to see a single ad-blocker try it.
Maybe it can’t be done with an extension, but it can be coded in the actual rendering engine.
The programmers should be able to understand this post.
All returned responses from the user’s browser reports that everything was viewed.
There are other applications that are already doing this, like PulTube and other similar offline capturing applications that allow the downloading of youtube videos with zero ads.
They even download much faster than 1:1 viewing speed, so timing may never come into it.

If this has been tried in a browser, maybe I just haven’t see it yet. I have only seen it in the mentioned offline downloader apps.

Do it in a browser, like Brave, and you have a way to block ads 100%.
You thought youtube was pissed before… lol
But this is nothing new.
In the old days, we used to have black boxes that would filter out commercials from live TV, as well as when recording to a VCR.
So, no matter how much they cry about it, it’s legal. There’s nothing that says you can force people to watch something.
But, many ad blockers are not coded correctly.
A lot of websites are detect them now, and the authors of those add-ons are struggling.

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