Blocking websites from getting Machine and Browser settings, name, MAC address etc

I have recently noticed that YouTube has blocked my Brave browser. Apparently YouTube has implemented a NEW anti ad-blocker capability, which kicks in after 3 videos.
How are YouTube able to determine what Ad Blocking is in place?
Can their reading Machine and Browser settings, browser name, MAC address, PC type etc… be blocked from the getgo. Maybe if the above is not possible, would it be possible to let their adverts run in a hidden/minimised, muted ‘sandbox’ window, that way YouTube does NOT identify we are using Ad blockers and refuses to play videos. Surely the fingerprinting utility in Brave can be enhanced to prevent these big-tech corporations from STEALING our data.

If you wonder what can websites see when you visit them, check out While they can see a lot of data, they can’t get your MAC address or what type of PC you’re using.

If I remember correctly, YouTube blocks videos if certain script is blocked. They often change the URL for the script, so filter list maintainers have to constantly change it as well. Once they implement the fix, YouTube will change the URL again—it’s literally a game of whac-a-mole.

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Thank you for the clarification. It was a shot in the dark. I just wish our damned govt’s would institute laws to protect the citizens and make data theft or illicit peeking at our data a serious crime.

Interesting article here:

This might be illegal under EU law.

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Thank you for that link, it seems to be clear from the EU standpoint that Google etal are in fact breaking the law when they sniff our terminals. I wonder what the British GPDR chaps are doing about this. My guess is that they are probaby willing to receive “benefits in kind” to turn a blind eye like the National Crime Agency (NCA) who wrote to me stating that they are happy to collaborate with the Alphabet companies because they receive much more benefit in that kind of arrangement, than reigning them in our criminalising their behaviour.

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