Force desktop site, desktop shortcut and about:blank

I am using an Android tablet. I have set the “Desktop site” option to “on” in Site settings.
Beginning around Sept 5 update, this combination, when using a desktop shortcut, results in a sites URL to be shown as about:blank. This results in a problem when one selects a link on the website page and then uses the back arrow, which exits brave. Setting the “Desktop site” to “off” results in the site URL showing at the top of browser window.

Steps to reproduce:
Set brave option “Desktop site” to “on”
Launch brave
Enter in the url window
Save site to desktop “Install app”.
Close browser
Click on desktop shortcut.
Url window will show “about:blank”

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Hello there @Makitso have you tried deleting your cookies to see if this solves issue.

  1. Click on the Menu icon in the top right, and go to Settings
  2. Select Site Settings --> Cookies

Additionally, please provide the following information:

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details

Let me know if that works.

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