Url bar shows about:blank on latest update in tablet / folding phones forcing desktop mode

I am having the same issue listed here.

Super super annoying.

On the Samsung Galaxy z fold 2. Have force desktop mode enabled. Every site I visit shows about:blank in url bar and I can never use the navigate buttons.

Also sucks to try to edit the url or share the url.

Hello @echojhawke, sorry to hear that. Have you tried by deleting your cookies and cache? Also, please read the following article so you can understand some causes about this issue and how to get rid of it:

I hope it helps. Regards.

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Thanks for that, but this isn’t quite the issue.

This happens on every webpage that I open as a link. So clicking a link on a browser, it opens the link, BUT in the URL bar it shows about:blank instead of the URL even though the page displays fine.

I have cleared cookies and chache but that wouldn’t really make sense as a solution (unless it was happening only on a specific page).

This happens whenever I open a link from somewhere else so a link from a text, a link in a google search, a link on another web page, when opening a link about:blank shows in the url bar even though the page loads fine. This does not happen ever when not in desktop mode. It is most definitely a bug and not a misunderstanding of about:blank. :slight_smile:

Same problem for me. Brave on Android. Only recent change to app settings that i can think of is to request desktop pages by default. Now various different pages/sites are showing about:blank, including, ironically, Brave itself for my new forum signup/confirmation.

Clicking into the address bar does reveal the actual URL for copy/page etc, but the actual URL is not displayed in the address bar.

Me too! It’s SUPER ANNOYING. Have you found a solution?
I even cannot copy a URL or reload…

The browser is almost unusable.

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