Font not working properly on latest V1.39.111 desktop revision

Where I work we use web-based parts library. It was readable a week ago (today is May 26, 2022), but now some text is not displaying.

Chrome Display:

Brave Display:


As a test, choose one of the computers that has the problem.

Search for installations of the ‘missing’ font (“Mechanical” ?). There may be MORE than a single installation of the font of interest.

Excellent and VERY DETAILED guide:

Try to learn of any font conflicts. Sometimes, there is another font, that might be involved, as a layer - under/over - and so, you do not see the font of interest.

Happened with a conflict between Arial and Helvetica neue - take a look at the following issue / topic and its replies:

Brave browser displaying thin fonts

Probably related:

Weird Blurry Fonts when Brave Shields Enabled

I made a post about this in the link below, Whenever I have shields enabled I get these blurry looking fonts, but as soon as I disable shields the font goes back to normal and this started happening in the last two updates or so.

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i have the same issues. Sometimes fonts are just not real small or different in some webpages. After some time they are fixed and again after some days again shows same issue. If i use chrome there is no issue at all only in Brave happends.

It’s an issue with “Shields Enabled” I noticed when you disable them everything returns to normal, I have no idea what happened the previous 2-3 versions ago shields did not have this problem at all. Wonder if a fix is coming ASAP, so far several sites I have to view with Shields disabled in order not to get those blurry looking fonts.

Just responded in another related topic. Posting link below. The workaround from the GitHub issue reports is to leave shields up and disable fingerprint blocking. You might can try this instead of disabling shields entirely.

Same bug here.
Disabling the (partial) fingerprint protection is out of the question because it’s the main reason why I use Brave.

@gmacar You may want to go to the Brave GitHub issue report and post. The more people reporting, the more likely the issue will raise in priority. Right now, there hasn’t been any movement as far as I can tell. Of course, the team could be working on the issue in the background especially if it is backend work and related to some other process.

Good idea, there’s no harm in trying. Done :+1:

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