Cant verify uphold brave wallet account flagged false positive

as of 1/4/23 my brave browser is updated but i still cannot verify my uphold. Please help me undertstand why my account has been flagged and why i cant verify it if its me.

If you need help, create a Rewards Support Ticket.

short version = System saw unusual activity from your device. It has flagged (in other words, suspended) your account because it believes you’re doing something that is in violation of Terms or because you are committing or attempting fraud (even if unintentional).

This is by no means a complete/exhaustive list, but are questions to ask as they are things that can contribute to accounts being flagged.

  • Do you use a VPN or Proxy?

  • Do you use any type of macro or automation on your device?

  • Do you use a virtual machine or custom OS?

  • Do you or others use your device more than 12 hours a day, 7 days a week? (No, the hours a day is not a legit threshold, but it’s just helping paint a picture)

  • Have you gone into brave-browser folders and modified anything?

  • Ever cloned your browser by copying the brave-browser folder or any files within it and moved it to another device/browser?

  • Are there a large amount of devices running Brave that are connected to your router/network?

  • Do you spam open New Tab and Brave News to try to maximize Rewards earnings?

Whether things on the list above or the things not mentioned, the key idea is to realize the system uses a bit of a logic puzzle. The key aspect it measures can kind of be said below:

Brave is meant for casual use and isn’t a “mine” or “farm” for crypto.

So things outside of casual or “average” usage can result in being flagged, especially if it seems like Brave or the advertisers are at a loss due to actions.

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