Find elsewhere? Customizable?

So brave search has been the catalyst for some revelation on my end. I decided to give it a go as I’m trying to move as far away from google as I can. By and large, its been satisfactory, and im optimistic given how early it is.

That being said, we all know google feeds you what it wants you to see and I decided to run a contentious search topic. As expected, google returned results that were basically the opposite or unrelated to my query.

I was disappointed to find brave’s results were a lot closer than I expected to googles. However this led me to notice the “Find elsewhere” buttons/feature.

I gave bing a shot. Surprisingly enough (as ive long avoided bing under the assumption it was a half-baked meme of a search engine) bing was 100x more objective and accurate in comparison relative to the topic i queried. That’s not what this post is about though.

In short, i love the feature. Options are good. However I’d like to see the relocation (or ability to choose the location) of the feature as half way down the page of results is meh.

Also, arguably more important - the ability to choose which engines appear in the list (if that isnt already possible?)

Just some feedback.


I like your idea …for now we have only 3 options …it would be amazing to see customisable search engines…