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I have been using for a while and telling everyone about it. That said the results are very poor. I keep getting sites like CNN and other junk sites. In my google searches I have blocked those sites. Is there a way to have custom search results with Brave Search? Not looking for a politician debate just need to know if a custom search is an option yet.

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I agree, this is an important feature that no search engine seems to have as of yet. I want to customize my search results & block sites that spread lies, that value currency over truth.

It would also be wonderful to have an option to only see results from select few sites. That way I can only see content from sites that provide scientific evidence & sources for whatever information they share.

Seems like the results are not very poor, you just don’t like them.
I mean, I know how poor Brave results are, results that have nothing to do with CNN and western mainstream media in topics where I have to go and use other search engine because Brave and its 20 results will be terrible.

Of course in your case it seems to be the way it was meant to be, especially when Brave uses Google as fallback and people have enabled and then polluted the searches with censored or full western media content from Google.

But Brave supports advanced search operators like any other Search Engine, don’t know exactly which ones but I have used the same queries that I have used in other engines and it works.

Two exclude sites or words you use the minus, and that’s how you would remove sites you don’t like like CNN.


I think sometimes brave doesn’t like multiple advanced queries like that but sometimes it works but I noticed it doesn’t find anything most of the time

But to be honest, the problem is you are here asking for something that won’t happen. For example, search Ukraine in Google or Bing or DDG (mostly Bing) or even Gigablast, you will find US mainstream media or government sites in all their first pages since they are US serch engines.

Now, search for Ukraine in Moojek which is based in UK and you will find UK mainstream media and you also find UK state ‘words’ about Ukraine.

So trying to avoid US news media outlets using US based search engine is the first problem.
And I guess if you don’t want CNN and Washington post and Fox or the guardian and cbs news and all those beautiful news outlets, you will have to use another search engine from a country that won’t give you too much western media propaganda and I think the only good one will be Yandex where CNN appears until page 3+ (I would have said Baidu but doesn’t seem to be a good search engine and it is in Chinese, but no CNN either!)

The only thing Brave might have going on that no other search engine will have to customize the searches is the famous goggles. But with the information Brendan Eich has provided about it, I really don’t know if it is going to really fix anything anymore, or it will make things worse especially when we talk about censorship.

I mean, Brendan recently mentioned this:

So I wouldn’t hold many hopes Brave Search will fix anything in most ‘controversial’ searches, specially in todays era where some small group will dictate many rules for millions of users.

Also, Brave Search limited to 2 pages of searches or 20 results going to be good for these kind of ‘controversial’ topics, because while 20 searches are fine for most stuff, well, if you are going to search for Ukraine and then try to scrolldown/go to more pages, to see when the western mainstream media propaganda ends, 20 searches will never be enough for that.

So I would advice you to switch search engines, Brave is not going to be good for what you are looking for. Yandex only negative thing is no dark mode and sometimes it gives too many captchas and depending on query you will have to specify full English results. But you might like more the results and since it is not limited to 2 pages/ 20 results like Brave is and there is not CNN.

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