Filterlist do not work on Brave

I am using Brave Android and I was trying to add a filterlist to block content farm, so I used this filterlist :

But the filterlist didn’t work, I also tried the host file version blocklist :

It won’t strict block sites in the blocklist like , even if I am already using Aggressive mode.

Because that’s now how Adblocker work.

First list, would work in Brave, but not the way you expect.
Second list is meant for DNS, so it is incompatible with Brave.

Adblockers rules are made of two sections, for example:


the first section || tells the Adblocker what to look for in the URL, the URL that is shown by Devtools on every connection.

the second part $domain= or script or whatever, are ways to filter it out, so you only block what you want.

the || means it will match anything http, https. but also the beginning of the rule, just like ^ means the ending.

Now, what do you expect the adblocker to do if you only add as an adblocking rule?

well it will block any network request that has in the URL, doesn’t matter where.

what will do? well, if you go to website, it will block all the network connections with it, that means it blocks ONLY 1p network requests, not third party ones, so if there were images from imgur or whatever, they would show.

The adblocker will NOT block documents just by adding a URL… if not you will block the internet, for that you need.

||^ or $document

One will block 1p and document, the other will block ANY page that has the URL from the first part of the rule that means any URL with will have the document blocked it doesn’t matter if it is or
That’s why you need ||^ to do what you want.

So yes, the list works but not in the way you expect.

Also, a lot of things are not compatible with brave, like # comments next to the rules, like some regex rules for having lookahead features… the list is pretty much weirdly done… why couldn’t they just make it properly is beyond me.

So… a lot of rules won’t work. Better find another list if possible, or fork it and fix it.

@anon57438784 But how do Brave use Peter Lowe’s blocklist as it’s default filterlist? It is a host file, and I can’t find adblock syntax version of the blocklist.

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No it is not.

This is the list of all the default and regional lists in Brave.

Peter one is structured properly ||example^ which will block the domain and 1p in websites, You have to select adblockplus in the selector thing in the adserver one, not the IP address one since IPs don’t work in Browsers.

Getting this:

IPs won’t work in Browser’s, what adblocker looks for for adblock rules is the URL column (or name if you hover your mouse) in devtools network, so using IPs, will only work if you go to a website through the IP, which is forbidden in most cases. Host files structure has the or or localhost at the beginning of each line, so they will not work like your second list, because all a host file is doing is ‘redirecting’ the right side with a domain to the IP you select.
Adblockers don’t see Remote Address or Domain or anything. For the domain, you would add the $domain= option in a rule, to filter it more but that’s it.

Well… technically there is CNAME, which Brave adblocker can do unlike any other Chromium browser. so for example if you add ||^ and go to

The video won’t work, it will be a still image and you won’t even get the notice that you need to sign in because it is premium content, but you can still notice the video in the background if it worked.

that’s because if you see in devtools is being blocked and if you go to and input that URL, you will see how it gives the Canonical Name of and the reason it is being blocked.

SO technically in some cases the URL will not be seen as devtools and that’s what the DNS API in Firefox and Brave DNS resolver are doing, to be able to do CNAME uncloaking/Filtering in Brave.
So there are exceptions to the rule, but it is usually pretty rare stuff that is only relevant to Firefox and Brave.

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