Custom filtering rules don't work

Hi, Brave!
Custom filtering rules do not work in Brave Nightly (both pc and mobile).

To achieve a good level of filtering for Russian-language sites, you need to connect the ru adlist bitblock list, which I did, but it blocks the side menu on the site, I wrote an exclusion rule (it works fine in ublock), but it does not work.

Side menu is here

My rules

Am I doing something wrong?

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P.S. While there is no way in Brave to add custom filtering lists by links, maybe you should consider adding these lists to your default list? Thanks!

Hey @AzagTot it’s on our todo list, no way to manually add an exemption just yet


FWIW, I just tested the site with Aggressive Shields and your 3 Russian filters enabled and fly-out menu worked fine.

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