Feedback on Brave


Hello ! Here is a little bit of feedback based on my browsing experience with Brave :

1.Brave’s version of HTTPS Everywhere isn’t as good as the HTTPS Everywhere extension
2.The adblocker works pretty well , but I truly wish there was a way of adding custom lists
3.Autoplay can’t be turned on , only Blocked or “Ask when a site wants to autoplay media”
4.The browser could really use a new look , it looks too much like Chrome

Sorry for any possible typos



On this point, you can at least do this on a per-site basis in two ways. The easiest is to go to the site you want whitelisted, click the blocking notice, and whitelist by checking “Always allow autoplay on [site]”.

The other way is to go to Settings --> Advanced --> Content --> Autoplay and add sites you want it allowed on to the whitelist (“Allowed”):

Agreed less Chrome-like UI would be nice, and many have complained, but there’s reason to hope this change will happened. See Brave, what happened?, for example.

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