Fedex tracking has stopped working inthe Brave browser

The tracking works in other browsers. It used to work in Brave, but not anymore

@wadvocat I can’t replicate. Your URL shows tracking number at the end. I went to FedEx and put it in. The update is as you see below:

And I can keep going through and see it all

If it’s not working for you, then I’d suggest to go through the usual troubleshooting steps. Try each step independently, so when trying #1, only do it and don’t jump to 2. If #1 has no difference, then put it back to what it was and go to #2, etc. Check each to see if makes a difference and report back if it worked or didn’t work

  1. Turn off Shields

  2. Open in private window.

  3. Create a new profile. (I’m assuming you’re on desktop). It’s Hamburger Menu imageMore ToolsAdd new profile (make sure you don’t add extensions or change settings to this)