Two completely different Braves?

I have two Brave browsers on my computer. I’m not sure why that is or why the older one won’t update to the new one. I also can’t find session tabs on the new one.

Can someone explain this? screenshot attached.

Brave browser has transitioned from its legacy edition (left pic) to a new chromium front-end. It appears you have both versions installed.

and the new version no longer supports session tabs?

Hi @1braver,
To make it more clear, Brave is in migration process to new architecture. And unfortunately, the Muon version (0.25.x) will no longer receive a bug fixes, etc. Since this version will be replaced by the new Brave (0.56.x and higher).

Upgrade for the current 0.25.x users to the new Brave (brave-core) is not happens yet and coming in weeks. That’s why Brave 0.25.x not give you upgrade notification, yet.

You can manually install the new Brave, run it in parallel, then import browser data from prev. Brave.

Not yet implemented. Logged issue here

Hey @eljuno is there a time frame as to when the Muon (0.25.x) browser will be migrated to the chromium one? I’m still on Muon because of sync and brave payments, didn’t like the way brave rewards is setup on the new browser, and the many bugs it has. I do admit to liking the other features on the new browser, so really look forward for a functional upgrade

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