Please restore Session Tab functionality to the new Brave

Dear Brave Developers. The new Brave looks great, feels great. Great. But where are the Session Tabs? This was in many ways Brave’s killer feature and it is just gone? It was excellent for productivity. Probably unnoticed by average users but an absolute powertool for smart users. Please, please, please restore this functionality to Brave. P.S. Tabs are better than windows. It was not confusing at all to have session and private tabs mixed together on one window. If you think this might be an issue for some users, why not at least make it an option you can enable from within Settings?



One of the moderators should just post ‘+99% of users’ instead of +1 in the Github topic because users seem to be going mad over the classical Muon Session Tabs. To be fair it did have a brillaint UI/UX.
Who was/were the original contributors on the dev and engineering side of it, I’m surprised they don’t miss it as well?

@BraveNewWobbled I’m assuming you read my comment in There are no Session Tabs in the new Brave? You should have just posted the comment in this here category but you wouldn’t have, had you seen the fact that it is a highly request feature and just commented and liked one of the other multiple topics of this feature :wink:

I added your +1 to

Is anything happening re restoring Session Tabs?

Haven’t heard a peep. @Numpty

I just want to say that after more than 2 years of using Brave as main browser and being really happy from it, i had to drop it . Ability to save many tabs to disk with two clicks has became a key-feature to me. This allows me to not hoard a tenths of tabs (often had 80-90 tabs opened) but quickly store them and quickly reuse when i have to come back to the context/topic/issue. Offcourse bookmarking one-by-one all of them would be a huuuge waste of time. Session tabs are like having virtual desktops - not everybody use them but they greatly organize your working environment if you have them.

That’s why Vivaldi became my main browser. I still have Brave but only to block ads on youtube when im listening the music.

But maybe I will back to Brave if you add/restore this feature (and Vivaldi will start to annoy me).

Yes I’m disappointed that this has never been restored to Brave. I might give Vivaldi a go having heard that it allows Session Tabs. Not waiting any longer for Brave to reintroduce it.