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I believe it is time for Brave to establish an independent App Store for Brave. Over two and a half years ago one PorcNH made the same request. At the time Google had just wiped out a new online community by banning Dissenter from the Google App Store for made up reasons. Google is not an honest broker and Brave should not be dependent on the Google App Store for extensions.

Supposedly this idea was among those in the brave-browser Roadmap wiki page on GitHub. Please again consider this idea. Brave now has enough of a foot hold (50,000,000 users!) to create a viable alternative App Store, and it would only require a few `killer’ browser extensions that have otherwise been banned from the Google walled garden to create a powerful attraction.

Thank you.


Just download the apk from site you want and install it. F-droid is a good alternative.

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People don’t do that. Apparently you think they should, and maybe you’re right, but they never will.

Users want vetted apps and single click install with no ‘developer mode’ hang ups, creepy warnings or any other friction.

Fortunately Brave is now substantial enough to finally provide an attractive alternative to Google App Store. This door needs kicking open.

Another abuse of extension developers:

You’re missing a huge opportunity here.

A possible workable scenario might be that other chromium browsers should get together and set up an alternative extension store.

So, vivaldi, opera, brave and other browsers should make an agreement and set-up policies for a new webstore which can please their own users. Afaik opera has their own store where only handful of extensions are available, brave has said that they have no intention of running their own store due to headache dealing with it.

Where has this been said?

Weekly community calls and on twitter.

You will need to check archives of them if you really need ‘proof’ of it.

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