Keystrokes to get the "tab" menu options?


Is there a way to get the (shortcut) key options of the Tab menu, like “New tab to the right” and for example “Close other tabs”. Or is is possible to make shortcut keys for for example “Close other tabs” and “Close tabs to the right”? This is for speech recognition commands for people who work handsfree.

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@quintijn A list of all shortcuts can be found at

I know maybe not tackling the specific commands you want, but they do have where you can at least jump to specific tabs and close current. In terms of adding extra, especially the ones you’re mentioning, not sure if that’s strictly an upstream thing that would have to happen or if might be something Brave would tackle.

I’ll tag in @Mattches to see which end he thinks might be in terms of adding extra shortcut options.

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I will ask the team if this is something that can be reasonably done. I do know that there are some extensions that allow you to assign keyboard shortcuts for custom/specific actions but I can’t vouch any of them personally, nor am I sure whether or not they will perform the exact actions required.

I will reply back here when I know what the team says.

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Great! Maybe also a shortcut key to just open the shortcut menu of the current foreground tab!

I will wait patiently,

Thanks, Quintijn

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