Bookmarks Has No Options

I love Brave, but you seriously need to work on your Bookmarks. There are no import/export buttons. You can’y even upload an html file! IO wanted to upload my thousands of bookmarks from Firefox, but there isn’t even an option.

Please update me on if this is being worked on for future releases.

If you click the ≡ on the top right, then choose “Bookmarks”, then choose “Import bookmarks and settings…” does that not allow you to import from Firefox?

Thanks! I found that pretty easy, but I want to test Dissenter browser which is almost identical to Brave. I don’t see anyway to export bookmarks or make an html file. Do you know how?

It’s not almost identical. That browser is a quick hack-job of a pretty old version of Brave and Chromium. Get the Dissenter plugin available on github and there’s a trick to add it. You really will make yourself vulnerable with such an old browser.

As for exporting, again you just are ignoring commonsense places. Same as before, in the menu, “Bookmarks”, “Bookmark manager”, the on the top right of that page click the three dots and see.

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Thanks again. My eyes are really bad and I didn’t even see the three dots in the upper right. If I had I wouldn’t had even had to ask the question!