Latest version of Brave flagged as malware by Kaspersky Antivirus

I just attempted to update to the latest Brave browser, two things happened.

  1. During the install process, the installer executable was flagged as malware and the install process was stopped.

  2. I attempted a second time by disabling Kaspersky AV temporarily. The install works. However, upon restarting KAV, I get a malware warning and the antivirus rolls back the registry changes, and the installation.

Can you guys get your software white listed by Kaspersky? I downloaded the executable from four website; pretty sure it’s legitimate.

Thanks for reaching out @freedomfries.
Please do search fpr existing thread before open a new one. Many similar thread will be found. :slightly_smiling_face:

Please see Brave infected with malware


Oh! Sorry about that. But thank you for responding!