Fake promotion?

Hi i have received email with this content.

Hello ! We present to your attention an updated version of the Brave browser!

And also in connection with updating our browser, we spend AirDrop where you can get 500 Basic Attention Token! Do not miss the opportunity to get 500 BAT!

Take part, install the Brave browser and get a 500 BAT token. In the old version of the Brave browser, you received only 30 BAT, and when updating the new version you have the opportunity to get 500 BAT, and the new version of the browser is currently available only for the Windows operating system!

Basic Attention Token is a new token for the digital advertising industry. He pays publishers for their content, and users for attention, and advertisers for their advertising.

Brave was developed by the creator of the Javascript programming language and the former CEO of Mozilla and is positioned as something more than a (ad-blocking browser). The implementation of this idea is based on Brave Ads.

We invite you to participate in our project. Each participant in our project receives 500 Brave tokens for the desktop browser (BAT).

Brave is much more than a browser; This is a new way of thinking about how the network works. Brave is an open source code created by a team of online pioneers focused on privacy and performance.

Users who decide to take part in the program will be able to receive up to 70% of the profit received from the ads shown to them. Rewards will be paid in the form of Basic Atkens Tokens (BAT) own tokens.

Registration form :

We thank you for your attention! Support Brave browser.

This isn’t official right?

What is alarming is they have an exe file that is required to download to partake the said activity. I do not know the extent of harm this may cause.

it is a scam @mattches

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@vhanfire Brave and Basic Attention Token never do airdrop.

Please, only trust information from official sources:

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